Frequently Asked Questions

-Can I just get all of the pictures on a CD without purchasing the edited ones?

Unfortunately, due to the concept of the Makeover Photo Shoot being to showcase everyday women in HD makeup appearing as flawless as a model/actress in a magazine, I am unable to release any unedited pictures to clients. The raw pictures are just that and do not represent the concept without having the extensive editing done to make them look like they are in a magazine. So, therefore I cannot release unedited pictures that just look like regular pictures.

-How do I decide on a location for my Photo Shoot?

I welcome all clients to choose their location but if they do not have an idea in mind, I will then present them with ideas. It is all according to what type of style they want their portraits to have. However, keep in mind that the location will not be very prominent in the background since I focus on headshots and close-ups to showcase the makeup application. Some of my most beautiful portraits have been taken in backyards and on the side of dirt roads since the clients are the main focus and not the background.

-Are checks or cards accepted for payment?

Currently the only form of payment is cash. Please be prepared in advance. A detailed receipt is available with advance notice.

-Can I pay just the Makeup & Photography fee upfront and wait until I receive my CD to pay for the cost of my edited pictures?

All fees are due at the time of service. This allows me to spend the many hours needed for editing the pictures without concern that I may not receive payment for that work. For larger packages especially, I can spend upwards of 20 additional hours working after the photo shoot. Therefore, I would need to be compensated in advance to assure that after all of the work is done there will be no unforeseen circumstances prohibiting the client from paying. This also allows for the CD to be simply dropped off or mailed without having to actually meet up to get paid for the edits, so this is done for the client’s convenience as well.

-What are the best types of clothes to wear?

I always recommend that clients wear solid neutral colors for many reasons. Bright colors or patterns can distract from the face and be too “busy” in the pictures. While some prints or fluorescent colors look beautiful in person, they may not photograph as well. Especially when outdoors in natural settings, they may tend to clash with the background. Also, bright or fluorescent colors tend to reflect the color on the face and cast an unfavorable tint to the makeup. My recommendation for a sophisticated and glamorous look is to wear any solid shade from the families of white / cream / beige / pink / blush / blue / black / plum, etc. This will ensure that your face is the focal point and also that your ensemble blends with the background perfectly. Please remember that this is just a suggestion to give a better appearance to the pictures, but it is ultimately up to the client to wear what they choose.

-Do you do portraits of groups (family, couples, etc.)?

Yes, I offer any type of group portraits. As long as the adult women have a HD makeup application done. For instance, if it is family portraits, then I would do the makeover on the mom and/or adult daughters, then the rest of the family will be included in the photo shoot. And for balance in the edited photographs, I do edit the men and children involved, however this is more subtle such as brightening eyes, whitening teeth, and softening skin or blemishes, etc. I do not currently charge additional sitting fees or editing fees for other people involved.

-What am I paying for with the makeup & photography fee?

This is where I will give a brief description of what goes on prior to even applying the makeup and executing the photo shoot. There are many hours spent shopping and purchasing the necessary professional cosmetics and supplies used. Prior to the makeup application, all cosmetics and tools must be thoroughly sanitized and organized in preparation, which takes over an hour alone. Travel to the client to apply the makeup and then to the photo shoot location can also take hours round-trip. Along with the time spent communicating with the client, all of these factors can take numerous hours of time and money. In addition to business operation costs and the actual products plus supplies used for the service.

-How far will you travel to provide a Makeover Photo Shoot?

I am willing to travel wherever my client needs to be serviced. This can even be out-of-state or many hours away. However, there will be a travel fee depending on the location. This will be discussed prior to booking travelling appointments to ensure the client is comfortable with any extra fees. There is no set rate and is done on an individual basis so that I can keep my services as accessible to clients as possible.

-How many outfit changes can I have?

I try to allow clients to choose how many looks they have, however it must be understood that this is done in accordance to how many edits you wish to purchase. With each outfit worn, I will take around 5-10 separate poses and within each pose I will take 10-30 pictures. Therefore, the more outfits you choose, the more pictures there will be to choose from. Because of this, the amounts of outfit changes are according to which package option is chosen. For example, it would not be a good idea to attempt 3 outfit changes when you are purchasing a mini package of only 5 edits, because you would only have 1-2 pictures of each outfit so the mini package is limited to one outfit change. The basic package of 10 edits is up to 2 outfits, the deluxe package of 15 edits is up to 3 outfits, and the supreme package of 20 edits is up to 4.

-How long does the entire Makeover Photo Shoot take?

The makeup application will take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the client’s individual needs and the style of makeup chosen. This is much different than everyday makeup application which is why it takes so much longer. On average, with the expert brow shaping included, it takes about 90 minutes most times. Once we arrive to the photo shoot location, depending on the amount of outfit changes, it will go very quickly. We are usually done with the photo shoot in less than an hour. I take upwards of 800-1000 pictures on average, but this is done very quickly. The pictures are taken at a rate of 100 or more in 5 minutes. The reason I take so many is to ensure that I capture vivid candid poses that bring out the client’s personality. When that process is done, we will then quickly review the best poses and choose which ones will be edited. Overall, it can take anywhere from 3-5 hours for the entire process, which is including travel time to the location, moving around different areas of the location for different poses and outfit changes. I usually advise the client to be free all afternoon for this process.

-What time of day is best for the Makeover Photo Shoot appointment?

The best time of day to take outdoor portraits is in the “golden hour” which is 60-90 minutes before sunset. This will impart a soft glow instead of the harsh sunlight that occurs mid-day. Taking pictures outdoors in the earlier part of the day when the sun is directly overhead can also cast shadows on the face, so it is best to schedule the photo shoot to be done later in the afternoon once the sun is behind you. Due to this, I usually start makeup around 1-3pm and the photo shoot around 4-7pm depending upon the season and time changes. Also, the amount of time needed to travel to the client’s desired location has to be accommodated in this timeline as well. For this reason, when I book a makeover photo shoot appointment, the client has my services booked for that entire day because I do not take any other appointments on that day.

-What do I need to do in advance to be prepared the day of my service?

Please have your face freshly washed and do not apply any moisturizer or any other products to your face, as it may not work with the other products I apply to you. This is very important, something as simple as a moisturizer that does not work with the cosmetics I use can cause the entire makeup application to have problems setting. I will moisturize and prep your skin for you. Please also have your hair styled and ready so that when the makeup application is completed we can immediately begin the photo shoot. It is fine if the hairstyle needs to be touched up after the makeup, as long as the actual styling has already been done. Also, please have the outfits chosen and ready to take to the location. ***Please note: DO NOT wax eyebrows within 3 days before your service!! Certain waxes will cause the makeup not to adhere to the area that was waxed above the brow!

-Does my Makeover Photo Shoot have to be done outdoors?

The option of indoor photography is available, if preferred. While outdoor portraits are my preference, I do have studio equipment available for clients that want a plain background. Please contact me for more information about indoor services.

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